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About the Nawtyside: When our owner and founder was first approached in 2014 to assist one of the suppliers at Sexpo in Johannesburg, she discovered the massive gap in the market for a safe place where people can ask questions and get advise on matters of an intimate (and many times, private) nature without being judged or frowned upon
That is where the idea of “The Nawty Side” was birthed

From that Sexpo, two specific clients and their inquiries, still comes to mind:
The first:
An elder couple, in their mid 70’s, who knew exactly what each other wanted and enjoyed was looking for something new on the market to spice up their intimate times together
The second:
Two farmers from the Free State, who admitted that they could not talk to anybody in town about anything of an intimate nature as they would more than likely be dragged to the Pastor for an exorcism….
They appreciated her honesty and willingness to listen (asking questions for almost an hour) before leaving with their newly acquired intimacy enhancers

Since then, she has been involved in a documentary regarding sexuality and worked at 5 more Sexpo’s and, even in 2022, found that people still want a safe place to shop and ears willing to listen to their enquiries

With the rushed lifestyles of the 21st century, more and more  people are diagnosed with medical conditions that affect their intimate lives. Our range of enhancers and toys can assist you on a new journey.

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