Aphrodite – Male




Put the sparkle back in your eye and the smile on your face

100% NATURAL – made from herb and plant extracts

A commonly know fact (all around the world) is that due to today’s stressful lives, many people’s sex drive is affected (or at times even almost lost) which can result in marital problems and even challenges in the work situation
For men the added stress of daily “survival” could result in Erectile Dis-function (ED), with most common physical cause being clogging and narrowing of the arteries and veins in the penis

The herbal extracts in Aphrodite Male can assist in boosting the libido and normalizing blood flow (which in turn assists in clearing fatty deposits from arteries and veins
Anti-oxidants helps against body cell breakdown (due to intake of alcohol and nicotine)

10 Drops at night (30 minutes before bedtime)

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XS/S/M (28/30/32/34)