Eros Kegel Balls


Eros Kegel Ball set offers a premium pelvic floor workout
Crafted Silicone and ABS materials this discreet and effective set includes three pink balls, each weighing 162g, for gradual progression


Eros Kegel Ball Set is your ticket to stronger pelvic floor

Crafted from premium Silicone and ABS materials, the set offers a discreet and effective solution to Kegel exercises
Regular use will ensure toned and strengthened pelvic muscles

Gorgeous set of three pink balls, each weighing 162g, allowing you to tailor your progression by gradually increase the intensity of your workouts

Benefits Eros using Kegel balls extend beyond just strengthening your pelvic floor muscles
When incorporating them into your routine, you can experience improved bladder control, enhanced sexual pleasure as well as increased vaginal tightness
The discreet design, means you can use them anytime, anywhere, without anybody knowing

Boating a IPX7 waterproof rating allows you pelvic floor workout to the shower or bath

* Main Material: Silicone and ABS
* Color: Dusty Pink
* Product Size: 3.6cm x 10.4cm
* Product Weight: 162g
* Ball: 3
* Waterproof: IPX7
* Function: None