Eros Milky Way Cleaner


Elevate your cleaning routine with the Eros Milky Way Cleaner’s 3 three water spraying modes

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Eros Milky Way Cleaner ensures a celestial clean for your pleasure toys

Crafted with precision, this toy cleaner promises a thorough and satisfying clean

Made from premium silicone and ABS materials, the Milky Way Cleaner boasts a sleek ergonomic design
Fitting comfortably in your hand

Equipped with 3 water spraying modes, this offers a variety of options to best suit your cleaning needs

USB rechargeable lithium battery provides over 60 minutes of continuous cleaning per charge cycle

* Compact size: 26.4cm x 9.4cm x 2.6cm
* Lightweight: 264g
* 120 min charge time
* 3 water spraying modes