Eros Pluto Male Masturbator


Eros Pluto Male Masturbator will help you explore the outer reaches of pleasure
Discreet and powerful companion with a unique design

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Eros Pluto Male Masturbator offers a sleek design and durable construction

Luxurious feel and provides long lasting enjoyment

Manufactured from premium Silicone and ABS materials

Compactly sized at 24.5cm x 4.9cm and lightweight weighing in at 252g making the Eros Pluto Male Masturbator your ideal on the go pleasure companion

Single powerful motor with advanced pressure sensor technology
Offers a range of seven vibrating functions that allows you to customize your pleasure
Sensations varies between gentle caresses to intense pulsations, delivering an experience tailored to your desires

* Main Material: Silicone and ABS
* Product Size: 24.5cm x 4.9cm
* Product Weight: 252g
* Motor: 1
* Charging Mode: Lithium battery
* Working Time: Over 60 minutes of play time per single charge
* Charging Time: 120 Minutes
* Function: 7 Vibrating functions and Pressure sensor