Eros Vibrating Panty Liner


Eros Vibrating Panty Liner offers discreet pleasure anywhere
Compact and powerful toy fits seamlessly into your panties and offers 10 vibrating modes for on the go satisfaction


Eros Vibrating Panty Liner is a discreet and delightful companion for on the go pleasure

Designed for comfort and satisfaction, the innovative Eros Vibrating Panty Liner guarantees a seamless blend of pleasure and practicality

Manufactured from premium Silicone and ABS materials, Eros Vibrating Panty Liner has a sleek and discreet design fitting comfortably in your panties
Compactly sized at 10.2cm x 7.6cm x 3cm and only weighing 77g makes the Eros Vibrating Panty Liner virtually undetectable, allowing you to indulge wherever you go

Powerful motor offers 10 vibrating modes with each designed to cater to your every desire
Varying from gentle caresses or intense pulsations, Eros Vibrating Panty Liner delivers sensations sure to leave you gasping for air

USB rechargeable lithium battery provides over 60 minutes of continuous pleasure per single charge

Greet boredom goodbye and say HELLO to excitement as you explore the thrilling sensations of the Eros Vibrating Panty Liner

Experience discreet pleasure like you have never experienced with the Eros Vibrating Panty Liner, when ever and where ever you go

* Main Material: Silicone and ABS
* Product Size: 10.2cm x 7.6cm x 3cm
* Product Weight: 77g
* Motor: 1
* Charging Mode: Lithium battery
* Working Time: Over 60 minutes per single charge
* Charging Time: 120 Minutes
* Function: 10 Vibrating modes