The Really Cheeky Adult Board Game “Sexopoly”



Involve your close friend for an evening of fun with this group game (2 – 8 players)
Cute themed playing pieces: Beaver, Cock, Beaver, Pawn, Puppies, Pussy, Rabbit, Snake and Stallion

Throw the dice and move around the board whilst you build your adult empire
Reveal your inner entrepreneur while deciding which business to by: Dollywood, King Dong, Martin Scores-easy, The Full Mountie or The Raunchy Peppermint Hippo
Grow your empire, wait for your friends to land on them and see what happens
Don’t be over-excited and grow to quickly, as you could “losing your shirt” and a lot more

Test your friends sexual knowledge with the Risky and Frisky forfeit cards, which will result in hilarious forfeits if they get it wrong

The winner is the person with the best bedroom knowledge and boardroom skills