Eros Apollo Male Masturbator


Cutting edge luxurious Eros Apollo Masturbator y is sure to elevate your sessions to new heights
Designed for maximum pleasure, this sleek toy is your ultimate companion for indulgent moments of masturbation pleasure

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Eros Apollo Male Masturbator is your revolutionary addition to intimate adventures sure to take you to levels of unparalleled pleasure

Designed to elevate solo or partner sessions to new heights, the cutting edge Eros Apollo Male Masturbator is your gateway to indulgent moments of pleasure

Designed with precision and innovation, Eros Apollo Male Masturbator is more than just a toy, it is a masterpiece
Engineered to deliver maximum satisfaction, the sleek device tailored to your every desire offers range of sensations from gentle caresses to intense stimulation

Transcend from the ordinary and embrace to the extraordinary with this state of the art male masturbator
Eros Apollo Male Masturbator features advanced technology that enhances every stroke and ensuring a mind blowing climax every time

* Weight: 902g
* Product Size: 30cm x 23cm x 30cm


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