Eros Inflatable Prostate Stimulator


Eros Prostate Stimulator offers adjustable setting for tailor made pleasures
Targets your most sensitive areas with accuracy that guarantees pure satisfaction


Eros Inflatable Prostate Stimulator opens up an empire of unequaled pleasure

Precision crafted, Eros Inflatable Prostate Stimulator is a luxurious sex toy that offers the ideal combination of comfort and intensity as you indulge in the tailored sensations

Adjustable settings puts you in full control of your stimulation levels to customize your adventure according to your desires, be it that you prefer gentle caresses or intense thrills, Eros Inflatable Prostate Stimulater caters to your every fancy

Ergonomic design and the inflatable feature guarantees a snug and comfortable fit, thus allowing you to focus on the pleasure at hand

Eros Inflatable Prostate Stimulator is equipped with a range of features designed to enhance your experience
Easy to use controls and body safe material, Eros Inflatable Prostate Stimulator has been designed with your pleasure and safety in mind

* Main Material: Silicone and ABS
* Product Size: 13.3cm x 10cm x 3.2cm
* Product Weight: 160g
* Motor: 1
* Charging Mode: USB Rechargeable
* Working Time: 90 Minutes on a single charge
* Charging Time: 90 Minutes
* Waterproof: IPX7
* Function:
* Base: 7 Vibration modes
* Tip: 4 Inflation modes