Eros Koekie Kit


Eros Koekie Kit will ignite your passion with this tantalizing collection of pleasure toys designed to fulfill your deepest desires

This Kit Consists of:
* Eros Lucy Lick
* Eros Thrust her vibe
* Eros Suction Stimulator
* Eros Finger Vibe


Eros Koekie Kit will ignite your passion while unleashing your wildest desires while fulfilling your deepest fantasies

Delights included in this ecstasy filled fit:

1. Eros Lucy Lick:
Playful clitoral vibrator that knows exactly how to tease and please
Soft silicone tongue and seven exhilarating vibration modes
Ideal companion for solo play or foreplay with a partner
While Lucy Lick dances around your most sensitive areas, she will whisk you away to a world of blissful ecstasy

2. Eros Thrust Her Vibe:
Powerful vibrator designed to satisfy your every craving
Sleek and ergonomic design, this versatile toy will effortlessly provide simultaneous stimulation to your G-spot and clitoris while delivering intense sensations that will leave you breathless
Explore it’s seven thrilling vibration modes and three thrusting speeds as you ride wave after wave of pleasure

3. Eros Suction Stimulator:
Revolutionary stimulator that takes sensation play to the next level
Innovative suction technology and seven pulsating modes
Eros Suction Stimulator creates a tantalizing vacuum sensation that mimics the feeling of oral sex
You’ll lose yourself in a whirlwind of pleasure as the Suction Stimulator engulfs your most sensitive areas with its gentle yet powerful suction

4. Eros Finger Vibe:
Discreet and portable toy that packs a powerful punch
Sleek little vie that slips easily onto your finger
Seven vibration modes will take you on a journey to new heights of pleasure
Irrespective if you use it for solo play or enjoying the moment/s with your partner, the Finger Vibe is the perfect accessory for adding an extra layer of excitement to your playtime


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