Eros Ares Male Masturbator


Eros Ares Male Masturbator allows you to plunge into pleasure with it’s waterproof design and advanced electromagnetic pulse technology

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Eros Ares Male Masturbator is an innovative masturbator engineered with perfection for you to dive into unparalleled levels of pleasure

Designed with sophistication and innovation in mind, the sleek Eros Ares Male Masturbator insures your intimate moments is elevated to surpass levels you have experienced before
Eros Ares Male Masturbator offers a sensory experience

Be captivated by the utter power and versatility of the Eros Ares Male Masturbator
Advanced electromagnetic pulse technology delivers intense vibrations and pulsations targeting your most sensitive areas with unrivaled precision

Operating without traditional motor insertion, Eros Ares Male Masturbator relies on the upper and lower piston impact of movement to provide a real human thrusting experience
(Related to the simulation of an impact drill working mode

Seven frequency operation modes and intelligent sound offers a customizable journey to pleasure your desires

* Waterproof design
* Utilizes advanced electromagnetic pulse technology
* No motor insertion required
* Relies on the upper and lower piston impact of movement for a realistic human thrusting experience
* Simulates the working mode of an impact drill
* Offers 7 frequency operation modes with intelligent sound


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