Eros Masturbator


Eros Masturbator promotes pleasure with this discreet and satisfying quick warming feature
Designed to be your personal gateway to ecstasy, this innovative device promises to elevate every touch, stroke, and sensation into a symphony of bliss

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Eros Masturbator is a game charger with it’s quick warming feature

Elevate play time to cosmic heights with the discreet and satisfying companion

Every sensation has been meticulously crafted for your ultimate satisfaction

Manufactured with precision and the utmost care, Eros Masturbator features a sleek and ergonomic design
The pleasure fulfilling device fits comfortably in your hand that allows you to explore every inch of your desires with ease
Customize every experience to suit your desires, be it gentle caresses or intense pulsations

Intuitive controls and innovative features, makes the Eros Masturbator a versatile companion that allows you to unlock new levels of pleasure and satisfaction

Three vibrating motors (two located int he side wings) and a the quick warming feature offers unique stimulation

USB rechargeable and 100% waterproof

* Main Material: Body Safe Silicone and ABS
* Color: Black
* Product Size: 13cm in length and 4.8cm in diameter
* Weight: 210g
* Vibrating Motors: 3 Motors
* Features:
* Quick warming feature on the inside of the sleeve
* Nodes inside to strengthen stimulation
* Waterproof rating: IPX7


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